The property that now comprises Abundance Hill was originally granted by William Penn in 1753. It was continuously farmed in a number of ways under various owners for the next 250 years, until 2003. Just previous to the current owner, the farm was owned by Carl and Dorothy Linder for roughly 50 years. Carl ran a small dairy farm while Dorothy taught school locally for over 35 years. When Carl died some decades ago, Dorothy leased out the barn and pastures to local farmers for their dairy cattle.

Shortly after the purchase of the property in late 2003, Ms. Fetter, the current owner, set about restoring the house, barn and grounds. Six outbuildings that were beyond repair were torn down, including a corn crib, secondary barn, garage and sheds. The original post-and-beam barn has been completely renovated, the orchard has been replanted, the pond and waterways have been expanded and numerous trees planted. In addition, several stone terraces have been added, as Ms. Fetter continues to develop the property. (2016)